Unique Handmade Fragrance Lamp

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Ruby Heron

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Herons are beautiful, elegant birds that are often portrayed in Japanese art. In poetry they are often associated with the cold of winter. They stand motionless for a long time or stalk slowly through the water before catching their prey. When they take flight they utter a cry that is haunting and evocative. This is one of the last sounds heard at the end of Brilliance of the Moon, as the snow begins to fall.

Exclusive to Fragrance Express UK and new for 2020 is our range of handmade fragrance lamps. Each lamp is made by hand in Wales, using the traditional method of blowing glass and has a unique pattern or design. In the case of this lamp the design is made up from layer upon layer of fused glass. Hand etched using micro tools, intricate design and ultra fine attention to detail. Each lamp takes up 21 days to make.

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