Which Size Lamp?

Please note we now only sell large fragrance lamps due to customer demand. We will continue to stock Spares & Accessories for both sizes.

Large Lamps

Large lamps have a bigger stone, the part of the lamp that creates the fragrance, and are able to fragrance & purify the air in large spaces more quickly than the smaller version.

If you have a large room or high ceilings, or intend to use the lamp in a hall to fragrance the whole house, a large lamp would work best for you.  Some large lamps have an increased capacity bottle too, depending on the design.

Small Lamps

Small lamps are great for medium and small areas, where a large lamp might need to be extinguished sooner if the fragrance became stronger than you would like.

Both sizes can be used in any indoor situation, but you may get better results if you follow these guidelines.

Fragrance Lamp with Refill OIl

Cougar Fragrance Lamp with Oud Night Tea Refill OIl

If you have any queries about the lamps, please see the Frequently Asked Questions page, or contact us here.